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Greg Simpson

If the name Greg Simpson was listed in Webster's Dictionary, it would read: Songwriter, master guitarist, music producer, solo recording artist, educator, husband, father and loyal friend.

A nationally known recording artist and accomplished musician, Greg has been writing and performing professionally since he was 18 years old. His debut album on Highway Records - Seven Wonders - garnered him 2 nominations from the Faith Centered Music Association, including Male Vocalist of the Year and Contemporary Recording Artist of the Year. A deeply religious man, Greg's music seeps deep into the soul and heals anyone who listens. He attributes this phenomenon to his faith in God and the love and support he receives from his wife and children. Whether listening to Greg off of an album and even more so when in person, his music and message is an experience you will never forget.

Greg’s life is a lot like his performances-it’s not about him, it’s about the people around him.  Uninterested in the limelight, Greg is a dedicated father and teacher.  In addition to the devotion he shows his wife and four children, Greg has dedicated his life to helping youth understand and express their faith.  Complementing his work as a full-time religion teacher, his music is a means of expression that allows him to connect with people, whether it’s his family, his students, or an audience at one of his concerts.



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The Simple Truth

The Simple Truth Album reflects the best of Greg's talent and who he truly is musically - heart and soul. Every instrument run and the feeling that comes with it comes from Greg's heart. The Simple Truth music is healing music.Buy it at today



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